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SCNutrition brougth to you the new generation of Hydration Multi-formulas.

While all others sell just electrolytes….we developed for you a multi-functional formula, which not only re-hydrates your body, with the unique 1,26g electrolytes and mineral concentration per dosage, but also:


  • Increases the oxygen supply to your cells
  • Optimises and accelerates the ADP-ATP and Cr-PCr processes
  • Protects your muscle wasting (anti-catabolic/anti-fatigue) during training
  • Helps you recover faster
  • Supplies your blood with glucose in 5-time phases. Instantly to up to 2 hours

We only use the best quality of ingredients, so they are fast absorbing, highly effective, stomach/gut friendly.

Also, we use Bioperine™, a unique ingredient that multiplies the effectiveness and the function of the ingredients!


Palatinose™ – Slow & Stable energy supply for 2 hours

The only low-glycaemic carbohydrate providing balanced energy.

Palatinose is a naturally sourced smart carbohydrate, providing full carbohydrate energy (4kcal/g) in a more balanced way thanks to its low-glycaemic profile.  By improving fat oxidation during physical activity, it prolongs energy supply. In addition, it is the first non-cariogenic carbohydrate, gentle on teeth.

Palatinose (isomaltulose) is purely based on sucrose from sugar beet. It is 100 % vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO.  It is generated through enzymatic rearrangement of the glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose from an α-1.2 linkage in sucrose and an α-1.6-glycosidic bond in Palatinose .

The new molecular linkage of Palatinose is more stable compared to that of sucrose.  Palatinose has a mild, natural sweetness (approximately 50% of sucrose), without any aftertaste. It replaces sucrose on a 1:1 scale and can easily be combined with other sweeteners to achieve a unique and tailored sweetness profile.  Palatinose is a very low hygroscopic powder. It absorbs virtually no moisture and remains stable under harsh processing conditions, even at a temperature of 25 °C and relative humidity up to 85 %.


Nutritional benefits:


 Vitargo™   – Put your carbs to work for you



Vitargo is a revolutionary life source of energy used by Olympians, elite athletes in all sports and millions of people striving to improve their exercise performance, health, and well-being. Vitargo is the fastest body fuel, allowing everyone to fully fuel training yet feel empty enough to train. Train with Vitargo again that day with same day recovery. Nothing comes close!



You don’t have to take our word for it. You can trust the independent, university-based research studies and renowned national and international scientists who have studied Vitargo. Those studies demonstrate that Vitargo is the fastest body fuel for before, during, and after exercise, and Vitargo enhanced same-day fuel recovery 70% faster within 1-hour, replenishing 77% more glycogen within 2-hours compared to maltodextrin plus sugars!

We are a science-based company, and every claim on our label is backed by published scientific research evidence. Your peak performance deserves our serious commitment to quality, purity, and integrity.



Vitargo blows the doors off of carbohydrate fuel replenishment, getting glucose to muscle cells faster without any carb crash. Your brain receives the signal that you’ve got fuel on board—full speed ahead to burn energy! Now these carbs know exactly where to go—they become fuel for your muscles to train hard, and calorie burn and afterburn are maximized! Training effect and sculpting are optimized!



Electrolyte Complex

Proper hydration during exercise is the key for a high performance of all athletes, especially endurance athletes.

Strength & Conditioning Nutrition’s Carbo5-Lytes8 include a proper combination of electrolytes for every athlete to enhance his performance.


Sodium Citrate | Sodium Bicarbonate | Sodium Phosphate Tribasic
  • Lower levels of hydrogen ions and acidity during and after excersice.
  • Faster lactate and Hydrogen Ions elimination from muscle cells.
  • Improved maximun intensity duration from 30-40 seconds to 1-7 minutes.
  • Accelerates the ADP-ATP and Cr-PCr processes


Magnesium Citrate & Magnesium Bislgysinate
  • essential for your body as it takes place in more than 300 biochemical reactions
  • normal nerve and muscle function and better immune system
  • better heart function as it keeps your heart beat  steady
  • less cramps and muscle soreness
  • ATP synthesis depents on enzymes that are megnesium based


Calcium Bisglycinate | Di-Calcium Phosphate | Di-Potassium Phosphate
  • Higher VO2 MAX
  • Faster recovery between training sessions
  • Better execution of rapid movements: Lift Better | Run Better | Jump Better
  • Amazing results for endurance non stop sessions
  • More oxygen to mucsle cells
  • Best source of Calcium combined with Phosphorus for cell endurance and energy
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