SCN Carbo6Lytes11 420gr Πράσινο Μήλο


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  • 6110g of Minerals per serving
  • 11 types of Minerals & Electrolytes
  • 6 Types of -Very Fast- to -Very Slow- carbohydrates (0’ – 120’)
  • 2 Types of Ergogenic & VO2max Enhancing Salts
  • High Phosphorous Supply for Fast ATP & PCr re-Synthesis
  • HMB as Anti-Catabolic (reduces intra-training muscle damage)
  • Especially Formulated NOT to cause Post-Prandial Glycemic Response
  • 100% Digestible and Stomach Friendly Ingredients


420g | Green Apple Flavour | 20 servings

For every 120 minutes (2 hours) of physical activity consume 1 serving of Carbo6-lytes11 formula.

Serving: mix 2 scoops (21g) to 300ml of room temperature water. Consume the mix during your training or physical activity.

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Βάρος 500 g

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